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Photography : courtesy Amir Fallah

Carved Aquamarine and Emerald Pendant adorned with diamonds in 14k gold. One of a kind!

Photography : courtesy Amir Fallah

Necklace with Rhodolite garnet beads and a rough Aquamarine centre stone!

Happy New Year !!

Three weeks in the New Year and it’s already been phenomenally busy! Bridal rings, wedding jewelry and redesigning new jewelry with old gold; has been the trend so far !

Did you know that you can bring in all kinds of old gold and gemstones that are sitting around in drawers and safety deposit boxes to turn into spectacular pieces that you would actually wear and enjoy??

Take the first step and call us. Let the magic begin !! Here are some before and after pictures of pieces that we recently re-designed.

Birthstone of the month GARNET

Cultures all over the world have prized this gemstone for its beautiful colors and durability. The traditional January birthstone has also inspired many legends and popular associations with love, friendship, light, and vitality. ( by Phoebe Shang, GG, International Gem Society)

While Garnets are usually associated with deep red wine colour, they also come in orange, green, purple and pink as well!!

Garnet is a very versatile stone and a large one can be used as the centre stone in any piece of jewellery without breaking the bank. It can also be used as accent stones to give hints of red to any piece.

Here are some beautiful samples of Garnet jewelry.

Some Jewellery Tips

Avoid using jewellery cleaners for the diamond and gold pieces. Instead use a mild dishwashing soap like sunlight or dawn and a soft bristle baby toothbrush. Gently scrub the pieces with lukewarm water and dry.

“Do not use this method on porous stones like pearls and turquoise.”

From the Eye of the Appraiser

This month I received some pieces that the client thought were Tanzanites. They were blueish purple for sure but not natural. The client thought they were natural and had paid a sweet sum for them. They would not know because they were mixed in with a parcel of natural stones.

One quick easy test to see if stones are natural is to touch them. If they feel cold then most likely they are natural! If in doubt, bring them to an Appraiser.

Jeweller’s Point of View

It’s easy to get lured into buying jewellery on a cruise south of the border since it becomes an emotional purchase while travelling. However after one takes the exchange rate into account and possibly duties and taxes, one has to think if it is really worth it?

There is no question that there is a bigger variety of designs down south but price wise it’s all the same! If you like a particular design, it’s not that difficult to get it custom made. So better to buy Canadian at your home soil for peace of mind.

Things to Look Forward to in the upcoming months

Please mark your calendars:

Sitara Jewels showcase at WINGS Trade Expo 2020 – Sunday March 29th

This popular and much talked about event is being held at Speranza Banquet Hall & Convention Centre.

Sitara Jewels Annual Trunk show (Mother’s Day Weekend) – May 8, 9, 10

The three-day event will showcase an extensive collection of your favourite jewelry designs.

Stay tuned for more details.

As always, if you have any questions or thoughts related to jewelry, do reach out to me.

Until next month, stay warm!

Shalini Bhardwaj